First Day

What did you do today ?
Today,we did the experiment on how to extract caffeine from beverages. The beverage I experimented on was green tea,testing for the amount of caffeine in green tea.

What did you learn today ?
Today,I learnt how to extract caffeine from beverages, how every step is important and has to be done properly, in order for a set of successful results to be obtained and why certain steps are done a certain way, for example: Why hot water is used for this step,instead of cold water. I also learnt how caffeine affects the body and how too much caffeine is toxic for the body and the side effects of it. Through today's activities, I gained more knowledge about caffeine and how to extract it. I am extremely thankful for having this chance to take part in this splendid project.

How do you feel about today's activities ?
This project tested on our focus and precision as one wrong move could scrape the whole project off it's road to success. This experiment could be applied in our everyday lives in fact, with the appropriate equipment, it is a good way to find out how much caffeine you take in everyday, or for those who are not able to consume large amounts of caffeine,the ability to control their caffeine intake. I am sure the results of the caffeine test would be helpful to those people.
Overall,I found the process of extracting the caffeine from beverages interesting and exciting, although it could be rather tedious at times.

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